1. fkroll's Avatar
    Hi everybody !!!
    have a question looking forward......
    I live in Argentina (South America), currently I have a SM N900 (bought in USA), that works great with my Argentine carrier (Movistar), but I'm wishing to go to a Note 4
    Learning a little bit of the Note 4 Models I saw those models:

    SM-N910C(Samsung Exynos 5433)------[Asia,Europe,South America]------{FDD-LTE+WCDMA+GSM}【Firmware:N910CXXU1ANIF】

    which apparently is the correct one for my region.....

    what do you think if I use this one instead:

    SM-N910H(Samsung Exynos 5433)------[Asia-Pacific]------{WCDMA+GSM}【Firmware:N910HXXU1ANIF】 ????????

    will I looose some functions/performance??????

    thanks in advance for your help!!!!
    03-29-2015 08:37 AM
  2. itguyjax8430's Avatar
    If you go with the SM-N910H you will not have LTE bands. Basically the same phone minus LTE on the SM-N910H.

    [Q] SM-N910C vs SM-N910H | Samsung Galaxy Note 4 | XDA Forums
    03-29-2015 11:07 AM
  3. fkroll's Avatar
    thanks a lot! so I'll nedd the "C" version!
    03-29-2015 01:40 PM
  4. itguyjax8430's Avatar
    thanks a lot! so I'll nedd the "C" version!
    Yeah I would go with the one with with the most features. You never know when you will need them.
    03-29-2015 01:45 PM

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