1. AC Question's Avatar
    Notifications "on" and preview message "checked."
    04-08-2015 05:59 PM
  2. power5's Avatar
    Yeah, annoying. Now all I get is "new message" at the top of the screen.
    04-13-2015 07:22 AM
  3. Caraveo's Avatar
    having the same problem as you guys with 5.0.1. i recently bought a used s4 and had to update the OS, and when i go into the message settings theres no "preview messages" option, only a "notifications" option, so all my push notifications just say "new message". prior to the OS update i had the option to see who texted me on the lock screen.

    been scrolling through the settings menu for awhile trying to find "preview messages"
    04-22-2015 04:18 PM

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