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    So I just updated finally to Lollipop on my Samsung Galaxy Note 3. I consistently listen to music using Android Music Player and podcasts using Beyond Pod; both 3rd party apps. They work perfectly during Kit Kat but after updating to Lollipop these specific apps would still play the audio but when I turn the screen off and just listen to the audio, anywhere between 30 seconds to 7 minutes will pass before the audio is shut off.

    Extra notes: When I attempt to turn the audio back on via the apps on the phone, the audio will not start off from where it was cut off but it will resume back to where I initially started the audio, except if I have a headpiece in with a toggle to pause or play. It will still cut off when the screen is off even with the headset, but when I toggle it back to playing using the headset it will start from where it was cut off.

    I don't think this is an app issue but either a glitch with Lollipop itself or the Lollipop system is doing it naturally in its settings.

    How can I fix it to not have to restart my audio constantly?
    05-04-2015 06:41 PM

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