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    I have a Note 3 that appears to have been made or assembled in Vietnam. Under the battery, it says MADE IN VIETNAM BY SAMSUNG. I desperately need a replacement because it is malfunctioning terribly. I still have several months left on the one-year warranty. Can someone tell me how I can get a replacement from Vietnam? The website is entirely in Vietnamese and no other Samsung center will help. I've tried US, Australia and our own local center (Trinidad and Tobago), and even Amazon and the seller I bought it from. I've tried the UK and no reply so far. No one wants to help me and I am now at a loss. They all keep telling me that I need to contact the manufacturers directly, or Samsung US or UK should do it for me, but they don't want to help. The sellers won't give me any helpful info and says its not their problem. I bought it on November 19th 2014 and it has a one-year manufacturer's warranty, but this is gonna be pretty much useless if I can't even contact the manufacturers. I am desperate. I can't even use the phone anymore. It freezes randomly, shuts off, and then tries to reboot; then it just keeps rebooting. It can go on and on for hours. Even if I take the battery out, and replace it, it won't start. I tried factory resets, flashing, everything I could without voiding the warranty. I just want to know HOW to communicate with the Vietnam manufacturers to get a replacement. I'm desperate. I don't have another phone and I can't afford another phone. I spent a lot of money on this one. Can someone please help me?
    05-05-2015 11:58 PM

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