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    Back story: Last year, the first time I used PIN lock, it worked fine. Then I disabled it. Then I enabled it again with a different PIN. When I tried to unlock it, the new PIN didn't work but the old one did. I eventually disabled it again and just got a lock screen app. But I uninstalled the app last week because thinking it was causing the draining of my battery. So I used the original Android PIN lock again, and had to enter a new PIN to use. When I locked my phone, I couldn't unlock it anymore using the PIN I had just assigned. I used my old PINs from last year, still nothing. I used all the PINs I can think of that I could have ever used, none worked. I went on Android Device Manager and made my phone ring, it rang. I couldn't locate it because my Location is turned off, so that's fine. I selected the Lock option that allowed me to assign a new lock PIN to my phone with an accompanying message, and it worked, I got the notification on my phone. But when it came time to enter this new PIN I had just assigned, it still wouldn't open my phone. PLEASE, SOMEONE HELP ME because I can't lose all my files in my phone. I just spoke to a Samsung representative and she said that because my phone, a Galaxy Note 3, has advanced security in it, doing a factory reset might lead to the phone being completely useless because this was done to prevent phone thieves from being able to benefit from stolen phones.
    05-17-2015 03:38 AM

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