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    My Smart Phone Galaxy Note 3 was working Perfecly , & for some reason I was prompted to try CM Locker or CM App Lock ,this I did but for some stupid reason I am now locked out of my own Galaxy Note 3 ,I was using a 4 Digit Pin Number but even that does not work I have sent C MLocker 4 Emails detailing what I have done but I am getting no replies at all,I am Disabled with a New Ford Focus 5Door Automatic car with Voice Recognition, The Mobility salesman at Evans Halshaw Paired my Galaxy Note 3 to My Mobility Dab Sync 2 which If my phone was working I can make & reeive Phone Calls through my cars Speakers,he has Paired my Galaxy Note 3 to my Car Ford Focus with its 8 " Colour Touch screen,but my phone now Is locked I cannot do a thing with It.Cm Locker has something to do with Cheetah Mobile Apps Can any body out there please help,I cannot use my phone atall but being Disabled with Cellulitis In my Left leg which I nearly Lost, Its Important for me In case of emergency,I am sorry I ever heard of CM Locker what happens IS If someone pinches your phone ,If they try to gain access 3 times & fail It takes o Photo of that person.Cm Locker have been sending me Emails with Photos Omyself the top of my Head plus the white wallpaper with 2 small plates on with animals on one with Otters one with Foxes ,Its me Inmy own lounge at home trying to get Into my own phone so It Is taking my photo as If I had pinched the phone,It Is my own phone I know It sounds crazy but for what good my Galaxy Note 3 Is now I may as well Bin It It cost mme almost £500 Brand new from Samsung, In English,as I livee In Cleveleys Near Blackpool In Lancashire my Sim Card Is Giff Gaff with about £13.50 credit still on the phone.my Mobile No Is 07729276525.
    Can any body help me to get back Into my Galaxy Note 3 ?
    Mr Norman Littlewood
    08-25-2015 09:59 AM
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    1. NEVER install ANY app from Cheetah Mobile. They have no idea how Android works. (The fact that they wrote Clean Master proves that.)

    2. Bring the phone to your carrier, or to Carphone Warehouse (I assume you're in the UK) and see if either one can help you kill that app. Then uninstall it. (I actually tried their app lock app on a phone I was going to reflash [so it didn't matter if it locked the phone up], and reflashed the phone after about 30 seconds. The app isn't even worth playing with.)

    If neither CW or your carrier can help, wait to see if belodion, the tall guy or one of our other UK members chimes in with a place you can bring the phone for assistance. (Some small, but good, shops will do something like that, just so you'll go back to them when you're looking to buy a phone. I worked that way for years.)
    08-26-2015 05:19 PM
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    For The Attention Of Rukbat Ambassador. My Nick name Is Nodger Real Name ( Norman) ,
    I posted a thread yesterday Wednesday26/08/2015, regarding My stupid error In Installing CM Locker or C M App Lock,maybe both ,Iam really sorry for ever seeing the damn Apps now especially after your Remarks regarding Cheeta Apps or Software. I find myself In a real mess now for over a week
    my Samsung Galaxy Note 3 which I also just upgraded via my wireless Router ,was working spot On , but I suppose living alone does not help I tend to do stupid things for something to do,Not really looking for trouble but I have managed to get myself In a real mess, as I mentioned In my first post I am Disabled with contracting Cellulitis In about June 2011. In my Left leg After being told by this ***** Doctor when I arrived In Blackpool Victoria Hospital
    In A & E this joker said He thinks my leg will have to come off,which did me the world of good ,I did not lose my leg thank God but my Mobility Is quite poor Only for having a Ford Focus Mobility car I wouls be really lost.
    However your suggestions about taking my Mobile phone to a small shop Is really Not an Option, But regarding my Galaxy Note 3 now Its useless, It tells me I have Email Notifications from Gmail Mail.com Twitter even Cm Locker they keep sending Bloody photos of top of my head with my Lounge Wallpaper In the Background ,I cannot get anything to work,when I click on these Email Notificatios Nothing happens , I get a page with App Icons on one being CM locker, again click on anything nothing works,last night I took the Battery out ,replaced It this morning Did not do any good, I may as well Bin the Galaxy Note 3 . because I cant do anything with It, can you think of a solution or one of your Tech team maybe can help me out to gain access to my phone.I cant even do a factory reset, which I am sure would cure It .I really need your help , I live In Cleveleys near Blackpool Lancashire , England of course .
    Kind Regards
    Norman Littlewood
    08-27-2015 11:37 AM

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