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    I hope someone who reads this can offer some additional insight to the same question being asked -- I tried to post this to another thread asking the same but it kept looping. Anyway, I too have a Galaxy Note 3 and suddenly have a data gobblin issue. Ten months ago my family moved into a temporary rental and area where we rely on our TMobile for all voice calling and Internet. It is of particular importance for me since I work from a home office and rely on my Internet and phone. I quickly learned what my baseline of usage was (between a third to half a gig per day) to get my work done. I was religious about checking my usage for several weeks before feeling totally comfortable and covered to work and not have to keep upping my rate plan. While I initially started off with unlimited device data and 21gb hotspot I ultimately adjusted the 21gb to 11gb which was my sweet spot for using my hotspot and tethering my work computer. So, eight months go by, life is good, service is good - 95% up time and I am pleased with TMobile like always (we've had their service for 11 years now!). In mid-May things completely fall over and my up time changes to less than 40%. I've spoken to TM now more in the last few months than I have in the last ten plus years, no joke. It's been a NIGHTMARE. They started upgrading the towers in the area we're living. It took weeks before things improved - and when things started improving (including the stronger 4G network signal) I suddenly have data gobblin issues. I have exhausted every possible cause, my habits have not changed, my tethered computer is an updated meticulously clean work horse and I am also a freak about keeping my phone updated and as clean and simple as possible. There is nothing new on the phone or my computer to explain this. When things were at their peak of bad, their system said I was using 1GB of data per hour, it's just not possible. That's when we changed the SIM card and it made a dramatic difference but still didn't bring my use back to the original baseline. Before things fell over in May I had an experience where my phone data increased along with my battery getting drained. It was perplexing until after many calls I finally spoke to someone who know what the heck they were talking about and after removing and restoring my Android email app that problem was solved instantly - no more inflated data use, and no more battery degradation. I am convinced that something similar in nature might be going on now with my data inflation but TM doesn't offer any advice other than restoring apps to their default setting. So, their next steps are to do a factory reset on my phone and then replace the phone if that doesn't help. By the way, one of the other lines on our family account is experiencing a similar inflation in data use since the tower changes/upgrades in the area. I read an explanation on another post about the water/straws (great analogy!) but what the heck is going on? Please anyone, any insight beyond what's already been mentioned on related posts/questions here please respond. Thank you!
    08-25-2015 10:00 PM
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    It would probably take a combination of billing, network and engineering people to figure out exactly what's happening, but if you call their Retention department and explain that if they don't get this cleared up (even just not charging you for data overage until they fix things), they're going to lose an 11 year old account, you'll probably get someone who will work something out to your satisfaction. (Who cares if you show 1GB/hour usage on each phone all month, if you get good speed and don't get charged for the data?) That's the job of the Retention department - to retain you as a customer. It costs a LOT less to keep a customer than to get one.
    08-27-2015 04:38 PM

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