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    Hello everyone,

    my wife is with verizon using galaxy note 3. few months ago she misplaced the phone, and after nearly 48 hours, and after giving up of where and how she misplaced it, she went into a verizon store, which they cancel it, and issued another phone of the same. About a week, after one of verizon store contacted her the someone had turned it in and for her to pick it up. They told her they couldn't recycle it, so she brought it home. A couple months after, i'm with tmobile, i decided i wanted to upgrade from my galaxy s2 to this note. I went into tmbile and bought a new sim card, since note 3 uses smaller sim.

    Since then, i have been trying to no avail. First i tried to get the "prompt to enter code" but it never show up. i called tmobile and they sent me the unlock code, or something like that with the step, but it didn't work. As soon as i use any verizon sim, it works, but not tmbile. I added the APN info, still no, so code will work.

    my question is, any hope?

    thank you all.
    10-25-2015 05:16 PM

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