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    I have a Verizon Samsung Galaxy Note 3. I recently purchased it from someone else to use on my Verizon network I absolutely love the phone but due to the fact it doesn't pick up any service in my house which makes no sense to me because my Galaxy s4 and s5 does.Either way i sold it! The guy who purchased it had sprint I assured him the phone was unlocked but when he tried to activate the phone sprint told him that without a HEX# &DEC# or it could of been an Meid# the phone cannot be activated through Sprint. The only thing it shows on the phone is IMEI. So after this long story my question is ,is there a way to get these numbers do they not have them on note 3's? Please help !! Or if you have a suggestion to make it pick up a signal better without buying an expensive signal booster !!!
    11-10-2015 07:14 PM
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    1. Sprint won't activate Verizon phones. The phone isn't locked (CDMA phones aren't), it's just not usable on any carrier but Verizon.

    2. The IMEI is the DEC number. (In some phones, the HEX equivalent is also listed - as HEX.) I suspect that when he gives them the number, they'll tell him it can't be activated. (It's not in their database, because it's not a Sprint phone, so they can't select it to activate it.)
    11-11-2015 03:41 AM

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