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    My Samsung Galaxy Note 3 sometimes won't charge at all or does so erratically. Last night it would not accept charge at all using the 'White Plug' provided by O2 with it. However it would accept charge from a battery back up pack. Sometimes it accepts charge from a micro USB charger but not always. I've visited an O2 store once and while in the store the phone was fine and accepted charge without problem from all my chargers. They also confirmed that the socket was OK. So why do I keep getting problems when there doesn't seem to be a problem with the charging devices or the socket?

    My previous Note 3 also developed a charging problem and reached the point where it would not charge at all, so the O2 helpdesk arranged replacement. Now I seem to have the same or similar problem. I installed Samsung's battery/power sharing app on the old Note 3 and soon after I started using my current Note 3 there were some persistent warnings about the need to install the app on this one too to protect it in power sharing. I rejected the messages and can't see any trace of that app. However I'm nevertheless wondering whether somehow something's been installed and that there's software that thinks the charging lead is another device and so it blocks the charging process.

    Any advice would be most welcome.
    12-02-2015 05:42 AM

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