02-14-2019 09:11 AM
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  1. Emilio Le Roux's Avatar
    I'm so happy I found this thread.
    I had a Galaxy Note 3 Neo DUOS (N7502) and I loved it, I love devices with pens since the Palm III and the ipaq.
    But the Note 3 neo it was a disaster. Stuck at android 4.3, with no custom roms, and many apps weren's compatible anymore.
    Most notably ONENOTE, the app I use the most.
    I gave up trying to update it and ended up selling it cheap last year. Got a Moto G.
    Now I was just selling a very old laptop (2012 I think) for a few bucks and someone offered me a Note 3 N9005 in trade.
    It was one of best deals I ever made. I love the Note 3, even now in 2019. I'm using it with Lollipop, 5.0, but I'm thinking about choosing a nice custom ROM.

    I'm selling my moto G.
    02-03-2019 05:41 PM
  2. Emilio Le Roux's Avatar

    There are several custom ROMS that you can "flash" into the Galaxy Note 3. Not a simple process for some users (non-geeks) but you can read something about those. I always look into the XDA developers forums.
    I just got a Note 3 as a trade, and I'm planning to install some version of Android 7, 8 or 9. I'm researching what would be the best one right now.
    02-03-2019 05:48 PM
  3. jeeves744's Avatar
    Still rocking my Note 3, but think I am finally going to upgrade to an S10+. My Note 3 still works fine other then the fact I just recently noticed my screen is de-gluing (if thats a word) from the phone.
    02-14-2019 09:11 AM
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