1. docthom's Avatar
    I took a picture and went to photos, the picture did not display along with several others I had taken in the last few days.

    IN photos in the top right hand corner is small icon with "3" in it. When I click that get a spinner with message "getting ready to back up, 3 photos left to back up"

    Deleted cache and no help.

    When I accessed the files from my computer the pictures were in the phone files. I uploaded them to google plus (they were not there before).

    When I went back to the phone the pictures I uploaded now display, but the error message persists.

    Took another picture and it does not display in photos.

    Help please ?


    09-23-2017 11:40 PM
  2. B. Diddy's Avatar
    Welcome to Android Central! Is the Google Photos app set to back up over wi-fi only, or also over mobile data?

    I've seen Google Photos get stuck like this once before -- try going to the App Manager, selecting Google Photos, and clearing the cache and data. When you open Photos again, it might take a few minutes for all of the photos to sync back -- then see if it still has a problem uploading.
    09-24-2017 08:52 PM

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