1. kenmacro_88's Avatar
    Hi, i am really sorry if this kind of problem being resolved before (newbie here). Actually i have been using Note 3 since 2013. All seem great and fine until 5 years of service, then charging problem kicks in.

    Sometimes I cannot charge my phone, i mean like around 10 times i try to plug the charger in, only 1 times the indicator will show up to show the status of the battery.

    So is the problem come from the battery or it comes from the charger connector itself?

    So anyone is having this kind of problem before?
    02-06-2018 10:47 PM
  2. Tim1954's Avatar
    Try different cables but that battery is fairly old and would be close to the end of its natural life...
    Welcome to the forums Ken!
    02-06-2018 10:59 PM
  3. kenmacro_88's Avatar
    I already tried a different cable, the result still the same, i mean sometimes the juice of battery slip in and sometimes not. Sometimes it can be fully charged, so that make me think maybe the connector (that USB hole) might have some kind of connection problem to the battery.
    02-06-2018 11:41 PM
  4. Tim1954's Avatar
    Well yes, there is a lot of stress in those sockets you could have a problem there too, but given the age of the device, I'd still go with battery life...
    02-06-2018 11:43 PM
  5. kenmacro_88's Avatar
    So, usually, based on your experience, the battery can only withstand 5 years? I mean within that times, the battery will not perform as the way it should be.. okay i might try to change the battery

    Thanks for your advice
    02-07-2018 02:52 AM

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