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    Each time I move files to a folder ..say from internal storage to say a folder on SD card, I have do the following actions.
    1. Select the files to be moved.
    2. Click on move
    3. A new screen appears displaying the options of a) internal storage b) ext SD Card
    4. I click the ext SD card
    5. Then I scroll down trying to find the folder.
    6. The target folder to move may be a subfolder withiin this folder, and hence may need further scrolling and selection.
    7. After I have finally selected the target folder, I view the "MOVE HERE" option.
    8. I click MOVE HERE and the files are moved.

    Now each time I do the move operation, I have to repeat all the steps as above, especially the steps to select the TARGET folder.

    I wish to know if this can be simplified by an app that will display my customized shortcuts to my folders, so that the selection of the target folder is done in one step , during the file movement operation.
    06-07-2018 12:02 AM
  2. Rukbat's Avatar
    About the only place you can put shortcuts is on the desktop, and the file manager can't see them. Total Commander, in landscape mode, can show two folders at a time, so you can have them both open, mark the files you want to put on the SD card, then copy them to the SD card in one drag & drop. (Don't move - if a move blows in the middle at just the wrong time you can lose both the original and the copy. If that happens when you copy, you still have the originals and can copy them again. Then, once you're sure that there were no errors, you can go back to the original folder and delete.)

    Or ... you can use a terminal app. Use the cp command to copy what you want to where you want (and you don't have to be in either folder - / is the root of the folder system on the SD card or in the phone's storage). Once you've done that, bring up the previous command (the standard is up arrow - Programmers keyboard in landscape mode has the arrow keys), backspace over the destination, arrow back to the space after the cp, backspace over it, type in rm and hit enter. (It's a lot faster than it sounds, and if you're familiar with Linux, you've fallen asleep by now.) Using the Linux commands, even if the phone isn't rooted, can save you a lot of work. (If you need help with a command, Google the man page for it, like man rm. You'll get a lot of hits for every single Linux command, even the ones that almost no one ever uses.)
    06-07-2018 03:46 PM

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