1. l_charles's Avatar
    I was my note 3 and suddenly the screen started showing static. I restarted the phone but that hasn't solved the problem. It showed this over the weekend but restarting the phone always seemed to fix the issue. I am able to connect the phone to the computer but the screen is showing static/ snow color

    Thank you
    03-06-2019 12:20 AM
  2. Sleddog89's Avatar
    Check that all of your battery terminals are fully touching your battery. Sounds weird, but that's what was causing a static screen on my old S5. I just pulled on the terminal that wasn't quite touching, with a pin, so that it would fully contact the battery when I reinserted it.
    Bingo. Fixed it. Hopefully it's that simple.
    12-24-2020 02:57 AM

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