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    I just bought a new NOTE 4. I NEED TO keep it in BRAND new condition!!!!! so ofcourse i need an awesome CASE. I really dont care about the money i invest and so far otterbox defender seems like the best option. but i heard i need to get something for the screen cause that is terrible so idk please tell me what things i should buy to keep this beauty from getting damaged.

    Edit----oooo damn i just realized you cant buy defender right now...........what other case can protect me. i am going to treat it good but still its will be in my pocket which is a tight fit

    nvm i bought one from amazon too bad nothing they have will arrrive this week cause they are out of stock for anything but then again who know maybe my note 4 delievery will be delayed. but thx anyhow.
    10-25-2014 05:15 PM

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