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    VÜ CAR and VÜ SOLO, Qi-enabled Charging Accessories for the Road

    Samsung Galaxy Note 4 VÜ CAR and VÜ SOLO, Qi-enabled Charging Accessories for the Road-vu-solo-vu-drive.png

    The VÜ CAR, as the name implies, is a Qi-enabled smartphone mount for dashboards that attaches via suction cup. It hugs devices slotted into its 180-degree rotatable mount with three padded adjustable clamps arms, which TYLT says are the largest on the market at 4.2 inches. It is widely compatible, and will retail for $79.99.

    The VÜ SOLO is a little less interesting, but still intriguing. It is a smallish Qi charging mat designed with “portability” in mind; it uniquely powers via microUSB. The VÜ SOLO provides 1 Amp charge and 5 watts of power, and features built-in ventilation and a suction base. It will be available for $39.99.

    Both may be a little pricey compared to the competition – a cursory search on Amazon yielded several Qi-enabled car mount for $40 less – but it is defensibly in line with TYLT’s other offerings. If you are a fan of the brand, look for the VÜ CAR and VÜ SOLO to go on sale by the end of the year.

    TYLT • VU • Wireless Charger
    10-28-2014 03:06 PM
  2. railshot's Avatar
    The VU car seems like an overpriced ripoff. I like the pretty colors, but $80 for a mount that does not have one handed operation is ridiculous.
    12-11-2014 06:33 PM
  3. harryhoudini66's Avatar
    Yeah, I need one handed mounting and unmouting before I would consider this one.
    12-13-2014 05:45 AM
  4. DMarie04's Avatar
    The review I read on TYLT said the mount although well built, is pretty substantial in size as well.

    Posted From MY Next Big Thing!!
    02-05-2015 12:45 PM

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