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    Just in case anyone is wondering, this is a great battery pack. I tested it with my phone (note 4), tablet (10.1 2014) and laptop (kirabook) and every one worked great. (Unlike some competitors it actually had a tip that fit the Kirabook.) It is relatively slim and light--looks about like a 6" tablet. Comes with its own 19v fast charger. Impeccable, with 20,000 capacity. Very pleased for a "does everything" battery pack. In fact, I mostly wanted it for my notebook, but I did want the flexibility of everything.

    BTW...I was using an EasyACC --that still works fine for the phone, but I do find that the Note 4 is a bit of power hog. Whereas my S4 would continue to gradually charge even while being used, I noticed that while my N4 was being charged with the battery pack and being used (to read ebooks), I got 0% increase in charge. It didn't DECREASE in charge, but it was just about holding its own. Worked fine when I turned the screen off, though. Since the Anker has the same output for the USB charged devices, I presume that result will be about the same, although I haven't tested it yet.
    11-25-2014 03:53 AM

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