1. PaulaO's Avatar
    I finally found a case I was willing to try. I just ordered the Bear Motion folio/wallet case. The phone is held in a TPU which is what drew me to it. It also comes in a PC version. I was tempted to get the purple one just so I could always find it on my desk. But I was afraid it would scare the dogs when I turned the lights on in the morning.


    Money is tight or I would have gotten two other cases at the same time. My long-time case with my S3 was by Ulak and I was thrilled to see they finally had cases for the N4. AND they had one just like what I had! They had another one in a cool brown. I was going to get the two of them to try but then I saw the Bear Motion and it was over.


    The other problem though is folks are saying the cases with a magnet on the back to tame the flap are messing with the S Pen? That would be the problem with both Ulak cases. It is something I liked with the S3 as it kept the tab and the flap from flying around.
    12-04-2014 09:16 PM
  2. harryhoudini66's Avatar
    I got this case for my wife. It barely closes with the amount of cards you put in them. I also did the wireless charging mod using this case and the thickness prevented it from charging. It may be irrelevant to your post but wanted to share in case someone else is considering this case and plans on using the mod.

    With the normal wireless cover, it fit tight in it.
    12-04-2014 10:58 PM
  3. PaulaO's Avatar
    Yeah, you never know until you get it if it actually holds what it says it will. It should arrive Monday.
    12-06-2014 10:09 PM
  4. PaulaO's Avatar
    Yep. One card and it is already bulked up. Dangit. Mine also arrived with a scuff mark. But, hey, less than $10, you get what you pay for. It will work for now since it offers a ton more protection than the S View case.
    12-08-2014 04:34 PM

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