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    This case came in today. Nice! It has the soft tpu inner with a pu smaller exo part that includes a stand. Then there's the holster part.

    It was easy as heck to put it all together which was good since there were no instructions in the bag. I couldn't get the stand to open and went to their website. The installation videos only talked about how to put the case together so I figured I wasn't pulling hard enough. I had read where some of these stands break so I was being too timid. It did open finally and after opening it a few times, it is easier.

    I love the buttons. The biggest problem I had with the Otterbox case on my S3 was I had to press so dang hard to get the buttons to work. And the volume seemed to need to be at a certain angle. I only had that case for a few days before I set it aside. Which was sad since it is so dang expensive. The buttons are covered on the iBlason but they are so easy to use. I have limited hand use so this was important for me.

    Excellent grip. Of course, most tpu adds grip so I expected that. But I didn't want the pu outer to add slickness. It doesn't. Yes, it is hard plastic but it isn't slick. It almost has a rubberized feel to it. It has a design similar to tire treads. It would probably still slide across a tilted table, though, so don't trust it on a boat.

    Not Good:
    The stand is kinda silly. For me, it stands it at this too far back angle. I use mine up on my computer as a desk clock. The angle is so steep, I can't see the date. Okay, I used the Carpenter app and it is back at a 43.8 degree angle. As it turns out, I won't be using the stand anyway. I attached the metal plate for my nGroove Mountek mount to it. It still works, though, unless I decide to adhere the plate to more of the back.

    Although I didn't notice a difference in using Dragon (voice app), I saw later than the mic holes are not completely open. I use Sprint and cannot remember which mic is used. I do know that Verizon users have been experiencing problems. One mic hole, the one closest to the pen, is open (but barely) and the other is covered despite the opening.

    iBlason Prime case-mic1.jpgiBlason Prime case-mic2.jpg
    12-20-2014 07:13 PM
  2. srkmagnus's Avatar
    Good feedback. It's a too bad the mic holes don't line up. Hopefully it's not affecting your use of the device.
    01-01-2015 11:08 PM

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