05-17-2016 07:19 AM
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  1. MadreTo2Stinkers's Avatar
    I just bought the Ghostek Atomic case and 15 days later the s pen access door broke off on my wife's case and mine....not happy....
    I went through 2 Ghostek Atomic cases last summer for the same reason - S Pen door broke an wouldnt latch (or be waterproof).

    I did take it in the pool BEFORE the S pen door broke and it was fine.
    03-22-2016 07:35 PM
  2. Smith4games's Avatar
    Title says it all, are there any out there? Can't seem to find one. With popularity of phone I would think there is one.

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    After all this time...Unfortunately there isn't any waterproof cases, that have good reviews... or at least 'solid' good reviews.

    Some cases with metal looked promiseing, but they tend to reduce signal strength. And even if not, too much leaking...

    The best for waterproof... are the bag cases. Joto has the best reviews (just search amazon) with over 12,000 reviews. Note 4 is supposed to fit, with out a case in one. However, with a second hand note 4, unlocked for my carrier, I do not have any insurance on mine, plus I am very clumsy... So I am pretty much paranoid with out my otterbox defender... and around water.

    I have been researching a lot, the case (not a bag, but fitted case) JJX-tech (1st link below) has the best reviews.. but still with only 70 plus people reviewing, not alot. There is still enough bad reviews of leakage, to not trust this 100%.

    I've decided for when I'm near or on water... I'll swith from my otter box to JJX waterproof case, AND then into a waterproof bag, like Joto or Kona. If the Joto bags don't come in a large enough that I can use the case in, then I'll get the kono, over a 1000 reviews, the 2nd link below... they have a larger bag. Heck, if I can't liquipel it, or I might even slip it into a double closure zip lock bag, then the JJX, then the Kona. Yes, I am that paranoid.

    But with on hell of a camera, which I can not afford a stand alone camera that can come close to the note 4, my kids, ect.... I don't want to leave my phone behind...

    So I'll double, or triple the waterproofing... just in case... (no pun intended)

    Maybe someone fund something else by now?

    JJX-TECH™ Shockproof Waterproof

    05-17-2016 07:19 AM
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