1. Brian Kenny's Avatar
    I recently got these in the mail and Im really impressed with them, especially the classic mesh…

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    03-12-2015 02:04 PM
  2. Brian Kenny's Avatar
    Tech 21 cases-img_20150311_160058.jpg

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    03-12-2015 02:06 PM
  3. adock22096's Avatar
    How responsive are the buttons o each case? I had the classic tactical but returned it because they power button provided no feedback. Saw they redesigned it to work with Verizon note 4s so I'm tempted to try it again
    03-13-2015 08:25 AM
  4. Brian Kenny's Avatar
    I think the mesh is a little nicer in all departments . I like both though

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    03-13-2015 05:05 PM
  5. doctordwaynewilliams's Avatar
    I have had both and I agree with Brian, the Classic Mesh is better. I love the look, feel, and fit of the Tech 21 case. It is definitely my go to case. And I feel completely confident with this case on.

    Note in my house!
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    03-18-2015 05:30 AM
  6. li2327's Avatar
    I purchased the purple Tech21 case and a hard plastic screen protector. I absolutely love this case. I love how it feels even with the extra added bulk. Along with my screen protector I feel like I don't have to be paranoid when using my phone.

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    03-19-2015 02:27 AM
  7. doctordwaynewilliams's Avatar
    This is the best note4 case out there check out the review and all the info on it is in the description.... dont forget to subscribe
    It seems like a nice case. Not sure if I would want the gold color. And I wouldn't say it is the best case for the Note 4 either. But, it's decent. Thanks for sharing the video.

    Note in my house!
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    03-21-2015 12:34 AM

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