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    Trident Aegis case for the Galaxy Note 4 is another flop.

    Good points:
    Feels nice in hand
    Back has nice grippy texture, not too slippery
    Silicone liner is nice & soft and will not scratch Note 4
    Power / Volume buttons have a very nice tactile feel and work great
    Middle back is raised up so you can hear speaker fine while laying on table or flat surface
    Charge and headphone port covers
    Lanyard attachment area
    Dust cover over rear speaker

    Bad points:
    Microphone holes are kind of blocked and just off center
    S pen hole is very tiny, hard to get pen out
    Rubber on left side by volume rockers is a little floppy

    I've only had it on my phone for about 30 minutes and when back to the Commuter.
    Amazon has this for $16.99 so it's cheap. I'll file it away with the Ballistic cases.

    Trident Aegis Case for the Note 4 - Another Flop-tri01.jpgTrident Aegis Case for the Note 4 - Another Flop-tri02.jpgTrident Aegis Case for the Note 4 - Another Flop-tri03.jpgTrident Aegis Case for the Note 4 - Another Flop-tri04.jpgTrident Aegis Case for the Note 4 - Another Flop-tri05.jpgTrident Aegis Case for the Note 4 - Another Flop-tri06.jpg
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    03-13-2015 03:49 PM
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    Nice mini review. I still don't know why they can't get the mic holes for this phone haha just leave a big cutout and that's it... Oh, well.
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    03-13-2015 04:33 PM

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