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    Recently purchased a Note 4 battery charger off eBay (eBay item number; 251771724872).

    The item has no mention of the actual battery charger being genuine, however the title cleverly includes "For genuine/original battery."

    I'd like to know is the battery charger genuine or fake? I alread have a battery charger for my S5 as-well, however the build quality definitely is miles better compared to the note 4's charger, S5's feels much heavier and sturdy. What concerned me at first was foreign writing on the front of the packaging and also inside the charger on the sticker. However, if I search on eBay for genuine battery charger, for example this one (eBay item number; 271751328599). The packaging is exactly the same with foreign writing etc , but the price is almost 3x more .?? Or are they both fake???

    Also, the led light bleeds more on the note 4's compared to the S5.

    Photos; S5 RIGHT .. NOTE 4 LEFT

    Note 4 Battery charger, fake or genuine??-2015-06-08-19.56.05.jpg
    Note 4 Battery charger, fake or genuine??-2015-06-08-19.56.32.jpg
    Note 4 Battery charger, fake or genuine??-2015-06-08-19.57.06.jpg
    Note 4 Battery charger, fake or genuine??-2015-06-08-19.57.20.jpg
    The one with the yellow charger is S5
    Note 4 Battery charger, fake or genuine??-2015-06-08-19.58.23.jpg
    Note 4 Battery charger, fake or genuine??-2015-06-08-19.59.30.jpg
    06-08-2015 03:30 PM
  2. sparksd's Avatar
    Since it doesn't claim to be a Samsung OEM charger, you can't really say it is fake - it's just a different brand claiming compatibility. The real question is, does it work? Does it charge the battery in a reasonable period of time and does it stop charging when the battery is full? Note that even the Samsung OEM version (which I have) is not Qualcomm Quick Charge capable like the phone is.
    06-10-2015 11:06 AM

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