1. David Rosen's Avatar
    So I can't post my screen shot because apparently the mobile version doesn't let you do that. But I've been off charger for 40 minutes or so and I have 75% battery and it says approximately 2 hours left. Nothing using battery except Android system, screen, chrome and facebook.

    Obviously this isn't normal, right?
    08-11-2015 11:32 PM
  2. David Rosen's Avatar
    75% battery = 2 hours left-2015-08-12-04.22.09.jpg

    In case anyone wanted to see it for themselves...
    08-17-2015 10:40 AM
  3. Peter Searle's Avatar
    Try putting your phone on power saving mod setting

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    08-17-2015 11:50 AM
  4. Peter Searle's Avatar
    There is a black and white mod that works and install battery saver play store
    And when you go out turn on and off mobile date say every 2 hrs turn on to see if you have message for 5 mins the turn off
    You don't need it on all the time
    And keep app to minimise all the ads
    That goggle sends you goggle makes
    It money out of ads
    So when you think or good I got a android update say 5.1.1
    What google is doing if finding ways to send you more ads by doing this your phone drains quicker
    This is when a update is a bad think
    Think about it when you watch TV
    Or a movie on TV you get 10 mins of movie 8 mins of commercial
    This is how tv companies make money
    So the problem is when you do this to a phone with a phone drains battery quick

    Ps this is what they don't want you to no
    Add stop the only way you can do this
    Is to root your phone
    But they don't want you to do this so
    That's y they void warranty when you do this

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    08-17-2015 12:08 PM
  5. David Rosen's Avatar
    Oh Power Saving mode and the grayscale mode work great! But I don't want to have to use them to get a day of battery life out of my damn phone haha. It shouldn't be too much to ask to unplug it when I wake up at 7am and it last until I go to bed around 10pm/Midnight.

    And I do need mobile data on all the time. I work off my phone constantly. I get important e-mails all day long. I also have to check a variety of websites. And I'm not and never will be an iPhone guy, but I've seen with my own eyes iPhones get people through the day without turning off data.

    Also I have no interest in rooting. I used to on old phones, but it's an endless rabbit hole of finding new ROMs, having to set everything back up again. Having to research more new ones. Setting back up again. It's a never ending cycle.

    One thing I do agree with you on though is that updates are death for these smartphones. It's over once an update comes. I don't think I'll ever let my next phone get an update. I'll ignore the little icon forever if I have to haha.
    08-17-2015 05:42 PM
  6. piinkRainbowz's Avatar
    Why is NFC on? Do you honestly need that running in the background?

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    08-18-2015 05:51 PM
  7. David Rosen's Avatar
    Why is NFC on? Do you honestly need that running in the background?

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    I remember to shut off Bluetooth and GPS when I'm not using them, but who can remember to shut off NFC when it's not in the main 5 buttons in the notification panel? Yea it's one quick button/swipe to see the rest of them, but I never remember. And regardless... NFC being on should be the difference between what... 12 hours and 10 hours maybe? Not 3 hours and 2 hours haha.
    08-18-2015 08:12 PM
  8. bgbagz's Avatar
    Back up all files in your private folder Clear your cache .... Restart

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    09-11-2015 06:05 PM
  9. PublicImageLtd's Avatar
    I have the normal power saving mode on, always have. Deleted live weather apps.
    Turned off all Google sync except people, Google plus & mail. I charged at 8 am this morning, now at 19.10 I am at 66%.

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    09-14-2015 01:12 PM

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