1. fettski's Avatar
    I just pre ordered my N4 and I look forward to retiring my Iphone 5. I previously had a EVO4G that i had from launch day until Iphone 5 launch day so my Android familiarity is a bit rusty. I was hoping someone can tell me or point me to where i can see what to expect from issues i had with the Iphone.

    2 major issues i had that i hope are improved on the N4 are the ability to shuffle a music video playlist and watch in landscape mode and podcast support. I have always found that the itunes podcast management was much better but this past year have become more difficult that it is worth. Has the Android marketplace finally improved the UI for searching, downloading, and syncing with what is new vs what is marked as listened to?
    09-23-2014 12:49 PM
  2. tech_fan's Avatar
    It has improved but I am not sure if it has improved to the level that you are looking for. Perhaps someone else can chime in for that one.

    I do know, that I had the Iphone 5 before I switched to the Note 3 and will never go back. I got the Note 3 on the Verizon Edge program which allows me to change phones faster. That way, if the Note 3 did not work out, I could go back to Iphone will minimal impact. Normally, I go through phones frequently and this is the first phone that I will miss when I upgrade. The stylus is awesome and the screen is too.

    My wife who is an Iphone user thought of deserting Apple for a Note 3. That is how much she liked my phone.
    09-23-2014 01:26 PM

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