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    Here is the international Note 4 manual: http://downloadcenter.samsung.com/co...1.0_140926.pdf

    That will answer a lot of questions for people and I thought while you guys are waiting for your pre-orders, you might want to spend your time learning how to use your new phone when you get it. Of course carrier specific models will have some modifications.

    I skimmed through the whole thing. Some things off the top of my head (I didn't make notes while reading):

    -Again, it confirms 128 GB microSD card support for those who for some reason still refuse to believe all the other official links I've posted.
    -Action Memo has a new option to edit the memo in S Note, which I think will be very useful for many people based on questions people asked many times about the Note 3 action memo.
    -A few new Selfie options in the camera, like wide mode, back camera selfies, sensor shutter. And although it's not exactly clear from the manual, it looks like the "Beauty Mode" may be optionally set and not default like on the Note 3. I hate that default myself so I noticed that it said you could manage modes and choose to add it.
    -More camera features that have already been talked about here.
    -New features already known like fingerprint scanner, private mode, power saving, ultra-power saving, fast charging.
    -Emergency mode, which I think was only available on Asian versions before (but I'm not certain about other international version since I'm in the US). This saves battery in emergency situations like natural disasters or a personal emergency situation.
    -Dynamic wallpaper (sounds like a version of live wallpapers) that can change based on weather, location, interests.
    -Improvements to multi-window with more functionality.
    -Improvements to S-Pen functionality.
    -Pen Window has been combined with Multi-Window and is no longer it's own option in Air Command. It is now a pop-up or (pop-out) window in multi-window.
    -Air Command options have changed. No Pen Window or Scrapbook or S Finder. There is Action Memo, Screen Write, Smart Select and Image Clip.
    -Quick Connect to connect to wifi and bluetooth devices.
    -Car Mode for bluetooth enabled cars and MirrorLink also if your car has that.
    -It didn't show what settings were available but there is a manage homescreen settings so maybe (or maybe not) there will be more options to customize than on the Note 3.
    -No mention that I saw (didn't read every word) of the infamous My Magazine. Flipboard however is still there. It says you can turn off the feed on the homescreen. No idea if you can disable the app completely or not (can't on Note 3).
    -Smart remote for infrared remote control. Looks like it's linked to WatchOn, which is what is on the Note 3.

    Ok, there are probably things I'm forgetting but that should give you an overview. I didn't mention all the things that are the same as the Note 3, so if you're not familiar with the Note 3 then there is a lot more for you to read about. Take a look at the manual if you plan on getting a Note 4. Again, keep in mind that US versions and other country carrier versions may differ.
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    09-30-2014 06:08 PM

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