11-06-2014 05:58 PM
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  1. verks's Avatar
    Finally got my notice. Shipped today via usps. Not what I wanted to see. Its priority mail but it gives no delivery time.
    10-15-2014 07:31 PM
  2. Peter McCain's Avatar
    Yeah baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It finally shows it shipped!!!! Yeah.....!!!! I have a tracking number too.. Next day delivery but it seems like they only printed the label so far... But it's coming soon!!! Hopefully tomorrow. Now to wait a few more hrs for that ugly orange box with a beautiful pearl inside.

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    10-15-2014 07:31 PM
  3. Enforcer25's Avatar
    Status changed to ship around 5:45 cst. Online order on 10-9-2013, scheduled to be here by 4:30 Friday. Shipping to NW Indiana via fed ex 2day from Memphis tn.
    10-15-2014 07:32 PM
  4. gahinton's Avatar
    Mine finally updated to shipping and shows delivery for Friday by 4:30 pm
    10-15-2014 07:34 PM
  5. acs2653's Avatar
    Finally got my notice today. Ordered on 9/30. White N4. I'm in Louisiana so hopefully it's in tomorrow. I have a long weekend and will have plenty of time to play. So ready to get rid of this iPhone 5s

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    10-15-2014 07:41 PM
  6. Kurt85's Avatar
    Still not a peep. A friend at work got his this afternoon...but all quiet on the western front for me. My local store got some in today, but sold them all this morning. Might try again tomorrow for in store.
    10-15-2014 08:04 PM
  7. akodoreign's Avatar
    Mine Shipped. Fedex Standard

    Wait edit: CSR said standard Fedex website says 2 day happy day

    And Memphis to STL.. That might show up tomorrow then.
    10-15-2014 08:19 PM
  8. Brown Eyed Georgia Girl's Avatar
    Ordered GN4 white on 10-20 through my office-- no change- "preparing to ship"-- I called yesterday and they said my phone is on back order---
    this is frustrating......
    10-15-2014 08:21 PM
  9. criscee's Avatar
    Mine actually shipped yesterday. Expected delivery tomorrow
    I hope your status has changed
    10-15-2014 08:47 PM
  10. raester's Avatar
    highly doubt its on back order. they are just slow shipping them out. i ordered first day 9/19 but got a shipping notice coupe of hours ago. There are people here getting theirs when they ordered this week. One thing you can do is ask csr to try to cancel. if they cant cancel, it has shipped. Im sure yours is on the way gl
    10-15-2014 08:59 PM
  11. ohbreeeezy's Avatar
    Mine haven't moved since last night.(pre-order at 10/12)
    Note 4 AT&T Shipping Status???-capture.png
    10-15-2014 09:15 PM
  12. otsiean's Avatar
    It finally got shipped. Unfortunately it's usps. Hasn't updated with tracking info yet, really hoping they chose at least 2 day.
    10-15-2014 09:16 PM
  13. denarella89's Avatar

    my phone has been shipped via ups. No delivery date posted yet but who cares? It's not backordered. It's not usps. It has arrived at DFW airport from Fort Worth. I'm ever so grateful and I hope we see a ton more of these messages tonight.

    Now we wait......
    10-15-2014 09:17 PM
  14. darkaurori's Avatar
    My tracking info updated. It did ship 10/14, but it's still sitting in Ft Worth, TX as of now. No delivery date listed. Still no charge to the CC.
    10-15-2014 09:19 PM
  15. denarella89's Avatar
    I stopped in the ATT store at the mall and they didn't even have a display one out yet.
    10-15-2014 09:22 PM
  16. Adam Sawyer's Avatar
    Mine is shipping using USPS too. They are using priority 2-day.

    Posted via the Android Central App
    10-15-2014 09:22 PM
  17. screwhead728's Avatar
    I ordered two black Samsung Galaxy Note 4 on October 2nd, one of them has shipped. Carrier, UPS, next day to Miami. Waiting for mine cause that's my brother's phone that has shipped. Email received at 8:50 pm ET. It said it shipped at 6:52 pm ET from Ft. Worth.
    10-15-2014 09:23 PM
  18. denarella89's Avatar
    It's a Christmas Miracle! Shipped! Ups! At DFW airport in TX! No delivery date yet but who cares?!?! I hope the rest of this group gets the good news tonight as well! Keep 'em rollin'! ;0)
    10-15-2014 09:24 PM
  19. raester's Avatar
    I stopped in the ATT store at the mall and they didn't even have a display one out yet.
    my local store had 5 in stock. but i couldn't get it because my preordered shipped today.
    10-15-2014 09:24 PM
  20. Kurt85's Avatar
    9/21 preorder...starting to feel like the last one standing to not have shipping info yet.
    10-15-2014 09:25 PM
  21. screwhead728's Avatar
    I ordered two black Samsung Galaxy Note 4 on October 2nd, one of them has shipped to Miami. Received email at 8:50 pm ET, shipped at 6:52 pm. Carrier, UPS. Next day air.
    10-15-2014 09:26 PM
  22. Peter McCain's Avatar
    Finally... It will be here tomorrow... The LG G2 has been a great phone.. Quick memo has done very well as an s-pen substitute. Samsung, I will give you another chance.

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    Attached Thumbnails Note 4 AT&T Shipping Status???-29663.jpg  
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    10-15-2014 09:27 PM
  23. Beltelmel's Avatar
    Has arrived in NJ!!! Will finally be home tomorrow. 😃
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    10-15-2014 09:49 PM
  24. Nicolewelker22's Avatar
    Definitely glad I cancelled my shipment today, I went in to the corporate store and got the last Note 4 white that they had. So excited to be reading all of this on my Note. Also glad to see everyone's is getting shipped now!
    denarella89 likes this.
    10-15-2014 10:03 PM
  25. yi7682's Avatar
    Ordered this afternoon (Oct 15), shipped tonight, estimated delivery tomorrow.
    White/Missouri, so no backorder confirmed
    10-15-2014 10:30 PM
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