04-30-2016 03:22 PM
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    Warning to the Note 4 runners searching for an armband. I have totally fried two Note 4's in my attempts at jogging with my phone. The Note 4 and outdoor running seems to be a no-no. My first one, I researched and bought a really nice water resistant armband. It totally fried it, especially down where the charging port is. I figured that sweat somehow had infiltrated the armband and settled down in the armband near the bottom where the port of my phone was. So back to researching and I read where others suggested putting it in a freezer bag or using saran wrap. I did the freezer bag and then slid it into the armband. Well, the replacement phone started going haywire on about mile 7 of my run. Volume would go down to zero on it's own. I raised it back up, it went back down. I thought maybe the volume button was pinched in the armband so I took it out and tried to run with it in my hand, holding onto the freezer bag and it continued. Then it began to cycle on/off on the screen. Then I knew something was wrong. I promptly ended my run and when I opened the cheap plastic backing, low-and-behold there was condensation all on the inside of the cover and a couple wet spots on the battery. I had to get that one replaced too. The tech could not repair.

    So now I'm stuck having to run without a phone which I don't like. I like the comfort of having a phone with me in case of an emergency. I also used the mapmyfitness app which updated me on my mileage/pace etc etc and I listened to music on the iheartradio app. I'm stuck now, not knowing what to do. Do I find a phone that is waterproof and just have two phones on my plan such as the Galaxy S5? Or is there some miracle way to use the Note 4 without it overheating and condensation building? I know some have mentioned wearing the belt but the way I sweat, it seems like my waist area would be just another wet/humid area for the phone to begin its cooking process.
    08-10-2015 08:46 AM
  2. Top Ten Excursions Tenerife's Avatar
    I use an armband holster open face design from Fittense very friendly if you are using fitness apps while working out
    04-27-2016 06:36 AM
  3. hopefulfarm's Avatar
    I gave up on the armbands and now use a Flipbelt.

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    04-30-2016 03:22 PM
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