1. thatdarnpunk's Avatar
    None of them seem to be working anymore (as of this morning). Anybody have any luck?
    10-17-2014 08:29 AM
  2. leasoncre's Avatar
    [apparently i can't post links yet....-_-]

    thread: Anyone getting the Note 4 extra battery charging kit for $20? [pinned post]
    go to the LAST PAGE of the thread and there'll be recent codes people have posted (and i just used too)
    10-18-2014 10:35 PM
  3. anon(7481370)'s Avatar
    I tried with my tmobile note 4 and no bueno. 😢

    Posted via the Android Central App
    10-19-2014 08:27 AM
  4. Android4life47's Avatar
    Same here.... I'm calling Samsung tomorrow
    10-19-2014 08:31 AM
  5. sodaboy581's Avatar
    Is this for the mobile accessory coupon you get when you buy your phone? I was able to use mine the same day I bought my phone and bought a protective case from Samsung's website.
    10-19-2014 09:13 PM

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