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    Ok, I have no idea if this is anything or not but I did notice it today.

    I saw two different Note 4s as they are turned on and configured for the first time. One was from Sprint and one from t-mobile.

    Both phones first started up with a message something to the effect of "starting up for the first time,..setting things up" and then "activating" messages. They then rebooted again without letting the user doing anything

    What was interesting is that on the first boot neither phone has the carrier splash screen until the 2nd boot, BUT NOT THE FIRST.

    So it makes me wonder if the device gets locked to the carrier after it reads the SIM installed. It would be interesting if someone could try buying a phone from one carrier, but not powering it with the installed SIM, but another carriers.

    Sounds a bit Xfiles i know....
    10-17-2014 08:59 PM

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