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    There were some who were questioning the ship status of the Frost White if we pre-ordered prior to the date change. I checked with Verizon this morning and they stated my order will ship on 10/23. I was really hoping it would ship BY but it's better than being shipped on 10/31! I also asked about the Edge program as I signed up prior to the policy change when I pre-orderdered on 9/19. I did edit my account numbers etc. out of the conversation, and I'm actually the wife lol

    Marlee: Thank you so much for that information John and what a nice gift for your wife! Give me one moment to review your account.
    John: Hello?
    Marlee: Yes John, I'm still here and sorry for any delays while reviewing your order expected date.
    John: Thank you
    John: My wife was already a little upset that every other carrier has their phone out to customers. So another delay would be bad I thought I'd better check with you guys
    Marlee: The expected date is delayed to 10/31/14 because of backorders. However, if any availability comes up you definitely will get an alert of shipping date. I'm so sorry about the delay John.
    John: I pre-ordered on the first day? Should I be one of the first?
    Marlee: Yes, that's correct
    John: Where would I see the expected date of delivery for my order? The only place I'm seeing 10/31 is if I were to place a new order
    Marlee: No problem John, I can send a link in the chat to review he order status. Also, I'm checking the account and now it does confirms 10/23/14 is expected ship date. Let's look online
    Marlee: Your order number .
    John: Hmm the link isn't loading for me
    John: Let me try again

    Marlee: Sure, no problem
    John: It's saying that is an invalid order
    John: I logged in and went to check order status but there are no dates? Order History Order Number: Order Date: 09/19/2014 Products: Galaxy Note 4 i... Order Date:09/19/2014 Order Number: Billing Account: Product Name:Galaxy Note 4 in Frost White Galaxy Note 4 in Frost White Device ID: The return period has expired for this device. For more information, please view our Return Policy.
    Marlee: I'm so sorry for the error you received. Your phone order does show it's processing and the expected ship date 10/23/14. Did you received an email from us as well?
    John: I did but it only sends me to a page that says my order is processing. When I use the link without logging it, I get this message: We do not have a record of Order Number . Please verify that you have the correct number and try again. For additional assistance, please contact us.
    Marlee: I'm so sorry about the errors you're receiving John. I can assure you the expected ship date in our system shows 10/23/14.
    John: OK well thank you
    Marlee: You're so welcome John and you were super on the chat!! Was there any other concerns?
    John: Oh, I also signed up for Edge when I pre-ordered the phone. Will I still get the old Edge program with the 60% as opposed to the new change with the 75%/
    Marlee: Absolutely, your contract will remain the same when you signed up for the Edge to get the 60% paid balance to upgrade.
    John: Great, thank you!
    Marlee: You're welcome! I enjoyed you on chat and I'm sure your wife will be able to enjoy her phone soon! You were very patient and understanding! John I really appreciate that Thank you for chatting with me today! You can also reach out to us on Twitter at @VZWSupport. Please click on the ?End Chat? button to end this chat.
    10-18-2014 10:00 AM
  2. DreamSTi's Avatar
    I feel bad for these customer service reps.
    10-18-2014 10:07 AM
  3. Husker82's Avatar
    As do I, but I also wanted to know if I should expect further delay. Glad to know I still have a little less than a week
    10-18-2014 10:11 AM

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