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    Our Note 3s are business phones. We have a construction business and take pictures a lot with our phones. We frequently bump pictures to our company Note 3s. Today, I checked out the Note 4. Saw NFC is listed but no S Beam. Can the Note 4 bump pictures between phones?
    10-18-2014 04:39 PM
  2. Biggiefries's Avatar
    Go under settings->connections->NFC. Click on NFC and under that tab you will see when NFC is turned on so is S beam.
    10-18-2014 04:59 PM
  3. onthehunt's Avatar
    Wonderful! Thank you biggiefries! I had looked under settings>NFC and sharing and didn't see S Beam at all. Will take a look at it again when I have a chance.
    10-18-2014 05:20 PM
  4. Biggiefries's Avatar
    I have it turned off, but when you do turn it on it enables it...

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    Attached Thumbnails S Beam on Note 4-screenshot_2014-10-18-18-14-53.jpg  
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    10-18-2014 06:15 PM

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