1. Preach2k's Avatar
    To those that already Have your GNote4's. Does FoxFi Work on your Note 4's?
    10-19-2014 04:12 PM
  2. mty msi's Avatar
    Yes but I can't use the mobile hotspot only the Bluetooth and physical tethering. Bluetooth is a slow connection on my Dell XPS laptop and on my new Lenovo Helix it connects but won't load browser pages I'm guessing because of the slow connection. I couldn't use the Foxfi mobile hotspot on my S3 either. I have to call Lenovo tech support to find out why it works on the Dell but not on the Lenovo which is 3 years newer and has Bluetooth 4.0 as I don't relish paying AT&T another $20/mo to add the mobile hotspot to my unlimited data plan.
    10-19-2014 04:20 PM
  3. alejovh1's Avatar
    Not on my sprint one
    10-19-2014 04:51 PM

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