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    I've been a HUGH fan of Bodyguardz up until this point...but I am sending my bodyguard screen protector back for a refund because of FIT issues. There must be a 1/4" gap all around the screen that is not protected. It not only looks funny....certainly can't protect the screen along the edge (where it has protected the 5 other devices I have had from them on over the years..... but when you run your finger over the screen.... your finger will snag or hang up along the edge.....IT'S THAT BAD !!!

    I contact their customer service.....they didn't seem to care.

    It is almost as if they decided to come out with the product before they released the phone, so they guessed the screen size of assumed it would be the same as the Note 3.

    If I were Bryon Tong..... I'd give them a bad apple!!!

    As it is....can anyone recommend another screen glass protector....and I will just let history take care of this customer service orientated / driven company.
    10-20-2014 03:02 PM
  2. SpookDroid's Avatar
    If I were Bryon Tong..... I'd give them a bad apple!!!
    I think his name is Brian, but great pun nonetheless

    As for the protector, I haven't used ScreenGuard's, I just got a cheap thin-film one from somethingArmor. It's not perfect and the one thing I've noticed is that this phone makes it difficult for ANY screen protector to fit properly around the edges.

    If you look at the glass bezels closely, you'll see that it begins to curve down before it meets the edge of the screen. What does this mean for protectors? There's less flat surface for them to hang on to. Usually, screen protectors cannot bend around curved surfaces, so a lot more of the screen's edges will be left uncovered if they want to have a proper adhesion. This is also why you might see that your finger gets 'caught up' when you run it through, since it's really a curved down surface you have your finger on VS the higher, flat surface the protector is sticking to.
    10-20-2014 03:19 PM

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