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    My PC had BT but never enabled.. maybe thats why my S$ 6 months ago wont come up as a usb connection (to transfer files) but will still charge.
    This time I wanted to try it. loaded the 4th party drivers after trying to hunt it down. I guess it uses the win 7 stack emulator. I'm able to pair both devices and I can even get the phone to play music and it come out of the PC speakers.. but for the life of me I cant send any files on either direction.. it just says send failed no connection found or made?.. The only other strange thing I see is that on the emulator it has a generic pic of the phone going to a bluetooth icon then pc and under it there is a signal bar that is x'ed out.

    and of course I tried the wifi devices next to me option but cant seem to get that to work right. It might have to do with my att router not being dlna compliant... who knows... I just dont want to us the usb unless I have to.
    10-21-2014 02:47 PM

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