1. walhalla's Avatar
    Just had my black Verizon Note 4 delivered, in the process of getting it set up. I have the Samsung Galaxy Smart Dock Multimedia Hub I was previously using with my S4. It was very convenient to set it in there to charge overnight. Question I have, for someone who knows electrical stuff, would the new adaptive charger cause any harm to the dock itself? Obviously it would send the power through it to the phone to charge. Or am I over thinking this?
    10-23-2014 02:56 PM
  2. SpookDroid's Avatar
    The charger itself is safe to use in non-fast-charge devices. It adjusts itself when a standard device is 'detected'. I used it to charge my tablet last night since, well, it only takes like an hour or so to 'refill' the Note 4 hehe, so I didn't want to leave the charger unused.
    10-23-2014 03:03 PM
  3. walhalla's Avatar
    I'll put it in the dock for overnight charge. If I'm in need of a quick boost I can always plug the charger directly into the phone.
    10-23-2014 05:47 PM
  4. Mr.Gadget's Avatar
    Does the dock support the Note 4 OK? I'm dying to get one but am nervous that it might not work. (Actually, I have both a Note 4 and an Edge)
    01-17-2015 04:41 PM

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