09-03-2015 10:50 AM
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  1. dedhedAndy's Avatar
    I get great speeds.
    5Ghz network.

    Posted via Galaxy Note 4
    Attached Thumbnails Note 4 Slow WiFi speeds... HELP!!!!-screenshot_2015-01-30-09-03-29.jpg  
    01-30-2015 09:04 AM
  2. Simone Moro's Avatar
    i had the exact same issue, wifi router is a tp-link.
    first seconds everythign ok then deadly slow. i figured out the problem,in my case it is network encryption problem because when i disabled the wifi security everything went ok, btw you can still have it working with wpa usinf fixed ip instead dhcp, my procedure:
    -access the router config page take note of the SSID, ad give your note4 mac address (fromt the dhcp table) a fixed ip and take note.
    -turn off the router
    -delete the network on the phone
    -add manually the network by inserting the ssid, the wpa password then check advanced settings and insert the ip manually as well as the gateway (the router ip) and save
    -turn on the router again

    it worked for me nevertheless its a shame that ppl have these issues for what it costs.
    02-18-2015 03:25 AM
  3. Benjamin Heston's Avatar
    I am having this same issue on my Galaxy Note Edge which is also the same family/generation of note. I am able to connect to wifi but I only get up to 8mbps download and barely 1 mbps Upload. This has happened since I got the phone out of the box and isn't restricted to just one network it's happening on ALL networks so it isn't an issue with the network it has to be a phone issue.

    To to settings, data usage, mobile data, and then uncheck"Enhanced 4G LTE Services". This service is not yet available in my area, therefore it was fighting with my wifi because it was looking for a connection.
    This option doesn't show up under that tab for me could you be a little more specific?
    02-18-2015 06:02 PM
  4. casiouser's Avatar
    I've got the same problem too. Every other device in the house shows faster speed on speedtest.net. it leads me to believe that there is a problem with a phone setting or the phone and not the router or service.
    03-19-2015 08:20 AM
  5. thebgn's Avatar
    Just did some research for this same issue. Wifi just made everything not work (facebook, tumblr, reddit etc) and it was out of the blue. Factory reset and still nothing. I have the AT&T variant and I checked smart network switch under wifi and that seem to have fixed it.
    06-09-2015 04:25 PM
  6. Mirhako's Avatar
    Can try this out. Has helped me out a lot. Plus it's free, so nothing to lose.


    Posted via the Android Central App
    06-09-2015 08:21 PM
  7. mrgale's Avatar
    I had the same problem. I went in to my router's admin portal, changed the name of my 5g network to "[routername]5g" and set my phone (Samsung Note 4) to connect to the standard network and the 5g network separately. It appears that the problem only occurred when I was on the 5g network. I log it onto my standard wifi, and it works fine.

    I don't have this problem with any other routers. In fact, they (Comcast) just upgraded me from my last one, and the problem only started with the new device.
    06-22-2015 11:54 AM
  8. GalaxyOnyxWitch's Avatar
    FWIW, I also had a similar problem.

    For me I found out that our townhouse complex has "a billion" users on 2.4Ghz band and when my Note uses it, it is very slow. Ironically I couldn't find the setting that would enable it to only use 5Ghz band. I did get a new router which has more power and this has helped quite a bit, I figure if my phone wants to use 2.4 then at least the router in my home can be more pumped up than my neighbours. This also cleared the streaming issue for my Apple TV when I switched it to the stronger 5Ghz band.

    Because of the mind boggling amount of other users on the 2.4 Ghz band I cannot get a strong, fast and steady speed on that with my Note 4 unfortunately. The Smart network switch feature isn't refined enough to just pick a band you want your device to use. It is meshed with a combine with tower for smooth connection. If I am on wifi, I want to stay on wifi, I don't need my device sneaking back and forth between wifi and data to ensure a smooth connection but I would like the option to choose my network band.
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    06-23-2015 06:08 AM
  9. Sooks's Avatar
    Honestly my best results have also been on a 5Ghz network, it hits 120 x 20 for me on that and like 6 x 2 on 2.4 ......
    06-23-2015 07:48 PM
  10. winniesworld's Avatar
    I'm thinking you just fixed my phone! So far so good!*Originally Posted by*ZephFree*

    To to settings, data usage, mobile data, and then uncheck"Enhanced 4G LTE Services". This service is not yet available in my area, therefore it was fighting with my wifi because it was looking for a connection.
    09-02-2015 10:37 PM
  11. PlanetPluto7's Avatar
    No problems on Asus Ac routers for me. Pretty standard settings. The "checking quality...." bull still agravates....
    09-03-2015 10:50 AM
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