1. Chuondroid's Avatar
    1. Adaptive Display
    2. AMOLED Cinema
    3. AMOLED Photo
    4. BASIC

    Which one is your currently set to and why did you pick this? Any advantages/disadvantages? Go!
    10-29-2014 11:28 AM
  2. jayochs's Avatar
    I just use adaptive. in browser it curbs the colors and sets it more to photo or basic mode, and then in other apps it makes the colors puncher.

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    10-29-2014 11:40 AM
  3. Chuondroid's Avatar
    I had mine on Basic for a few days and liked it (don't know if it helps with battery) but got tired of it because it just took away of having a AMOLED screen to begin with.
    10-29-2014 12:04 PM

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