1. smoothrunnings's Avatar
    I just picked up my Note 4 from WIND Mobile Canada. After leaving the mall I noticed the phone was at 4G, and at home the phone is still at 4G.

    So I am wondering if there is anyone here who lives in the GTA (Greater Toronto Area) that knows were I can find a good case for the Note 4?
    I am also thinking of having Ghost Armor put a screen protector on it, has anyone install a matte screen protector on their Note yet and does it affect the image quality at all? I noticed with the matte protector on a BBRY finger prints are noticeable compared to the glossy screen protector.

    Connected to BES and or MS Exchange ActiveSync is there anything I need to watch for?

    I have noticed the charger works pretty well, since I have been home 15 ~ 20 minutes the battery has gone from 63% to 84%. I am happy Samsung came out with a quick charger, on my old BBRY Z10 I used to have to use the travel charger which does pretty much the same thing, quickly charges the device, over the stock charger that came with the phone.

    Battery life, is there anything to conserving more battery? I am currently coming from a Z10 that I didn't really play games on it much all, I just used it for email and txt's/BBM.

    10-30-2014 05:52 PM
  2. sstephen17's Avatar
    I've always ordered my cases from Amazon so I'm not sure it's an option for you. I have the Spigen Ultra Hybrid in clear. Fits great and is fairly slim. I've had Spigen cases before for my GS4 and they are pretty good especially for the price.

    I've gone through almost a full day with my Note 4. Much heavier use than normal (showing it off to co-workers). Battery life is better than my GS4 so far. At 10 hours on battery, I have 50% battery remaining.

    One thing I read and implemented right away was switching the option in "Location" to "power saving" instead of "high accuracy". I have not activated the power saving mode itself strictly because I hate that the icon is permanently in the notification bar, which is highly annoying to me. Screen brightness is set to approximately 40% (plenty bright for me) and I have the screen timeout set for 15 seconds.
    10-30-2014 06:34 PM
  3. JAG21979's Avatar
    I have the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 s view case, and it is nice but way over priced. Luckily I found one at best buy that has been returned and was discounted. I also ordered a UAG Scout case which just shipped today. I'm waiting for the icarez tempered glass screen protector and will use that versus a regular screen protector. I had the spigen neo hybrid on my note 3 so I will be picking that up as well. Congrats on your new phone, enjoy.

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    10-30-2014 06:43 PM

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