06-23-2016 02:51 PM
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    Yes, I was shafted also. I bought my note 4 on Dec 14th of 2015. Was told to get my holiday rebate, go to samsung promotion rebates Web address & sign up. I did on December 15th, the gave me a ticket # as well as a rebate reference # . That's where the communication ended.
    Was suppose to get my $200 within 4 - 6 wks. WRONG. I kept calling samsung CS 4 wks into the wait all the way through today June 23 2016. I had my Samsung rep from my Verizon store also try & get this taken care of two wks ago, he & my Verizon rep were told it didn't concern them by samsung.
    The 7 times I talked to samsung they say someone will contact me within 24 - 48 hrs, never happens. Today I spoke with Allison from samsung who said a manager will call me back when they're not busy, almost two hrs ago, still no call.
    Apparently a rogue company named prize logic was handling the rebates for samsung, but none of us were aware of that until 2 wks ago, when my Samsung rep found that out while talking to his CS rep & we then called prize logic (888-795-6442), who proceeded to tell me & the rep that the pic I sent of the receipt was to blurry to read, & that they emailed me on Dec 18th to notify me of that & that they denied my rebate due to that reason.
    I showed the original time stamped pic to both the Verizon & samsung reps, & it was crystal clear. So in my junk email I was looking for info from samsung about my rebate, but prize logic said they sent it & I must have deleted it. Well if I didn't know until 2 wks ago that someone other then samsung was involved in this rebate, I probable did delete it. So as of today I'm still waiting for a Samsung manager to call, & I'm still out the rebate that got me to buy a phone I no longer want. Bought my mom a Samsung a week later, mistake. But that's ok. I'm buying my ex wife & my sister new phones next month, & yes you got it, they won't be samsungs.
    06-23-2016 02:51 PM
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