02-16-2016 11:46 PM
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  1. GregMargie's Avatar
    Thank you. Apparently, this was already on my Note 4 as when I looked it up in play store it said 'update' LOL
    12-04-2014 05:53 PM
  2. LaTuFu's Avatar
    Lol, yes I did. I have to say it's a lot more fun to deal with than having to put up with or be at the mercy of the phone company.

    Posted via the Android Central App from the beast A.K.A. Note 4.
    Yeah. I agree.

    I just prefer different platforms to do that.
    12-04-2014 06:39 PM
  3. eclectic11's Avatar
    I find that chrome browser is buggy and laggy when scrolling. I have switched back to Samsung browser and its much smoother. Just changed my home page to google.

    Posted via the Android Central App
    12-05-2014 06:25 AM
  4. JustCreepin's Avatar
    I found that "CM Browser" is better then both.

    Also, the "Night Mode" is easily accessible, it naturally blocks more Ads than Chrome, and it is very secure. Another big plus is "Night Mode" inverts screen colors, not just dimming your screen. You get white text on a black background, yet your pictures and images retain their "normal" colors. I was looking for that, since it's no longer an option on the stock browser (it was an option on the stock HTC browser I had on my HTC One M7).

    I tried Dolphin, but you had to download an additional theme for Night Mode (important for me, if you can't tell) and then it just changed my default search engine. I hate spamware.

    Firefox has desktop syncing, Reader mode didn't match up with the Web page I would change to. For example, if I was reading a 2 page article and switched to Reader mode on page 1, I would have to switch back to "regular" (i.e., super bright white background) and select the link to switch to page 2. Then I would have to switch to Reader mode again. Then, if I happened to switch to my homescreen, and pressed the Firefox icon/app, it would still be in Reader mode but on page 1. This was repeated, reproducible behavior. Very annoying.

    I liked UC Browser, but it seemed to be limited to 10 tabs, for some reason.

    Both CM Browser and UC Browser were extremely quick and "light".
    12-06-2014 11:16 AM
  5. Gcorr003's Avatar
    Neither. The best and most highly reviewed browser for Android is maxthon browser. It let's you tweak many things including full screen, zoom, etc. Not to mention how fast it is. Believe me, maxthon browser.

    Posted via the Android Central App
    12-06-2014 11:27 AM
  6. naira1's Avatar
    I feel there no real need for chrome on mobile unless you use chrome on desktop. There are no added benefits other than syncing to desktop chrome. So I'd stick to the Samsung browser if I were you.
    Well there's another good reason to use chrome especial for those on limited plan.. You can reduced the data usage like this and it works like a charm

    Sent from my SM-N910C using Tapatalk
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    12-06-2014 01:09 PM
  7. philip42's Avatar
    I used to use the Samsung browser on my Note 4 but it seemed to develop a glitch where the screen wouldn't respond so i've moved to Chrome and wouldn't look back. Got fed up of Firefox crashing on my pc also.

    Posted via the Android Central App
    12-06-2014 02:50 PM
  8. Blipstein's Avatar
    If you use chrome, you might want to download this add-on.

    What exactly does this do?
    12-06-2014 04:06 PM
  9. doctordwaynewilliams's Avatar
    What exactly does this do?
    Speeds it up and smooths it out.
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    12-06-2014 05:36 PM
  10. jnow007's Avatar
    Does Chrome have that "BAR" at the bottom where you can go back and forward... I like that bar but Chrome doesn't have it...
    12-06-2014 07:27 PM
  11. the-sandman's Avatar
    I use chrome because of syncing with my desktop browser. But the Samsung browser does have the benefits of the S Pen. Probably comes down to giving them both a go and see which one suits you better really.
    12-07-2014 05:55 AM
  12. vasekvi's Avatar
    I still use Chrome cause of the syncing although the stock browser does score better on html5test.com

    Sent from my Samsung GALAXY Note Edge on AT&T
    12-07-2014 08:58 AM
  13. Sonnydigs's Avatar
    I like Chrome, cant think of any issues using it..
    Also it pairs with Chromecast just as you would expect it to.. Flawlessly.....
    12-07-2014 01:48 PM
  14. doctordwaynewilliams's Avatar
    Do those other browsers support Chromecast?

    Note in my house!
    12-07-2014 01:58 PM
  15. godzillinois's Avatar
    For those that say Chrome is faster than their stock browser - do you have any benchmarks? A poster on this thread put up some benchmarks between stock, Chrome, Chrome+the Samsung package and Dolphin and Stock was faster in every test:

    Chrome much slower than stock 'internet' bro… | T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy Note 4 | XDA Forums

    I actually prefer the stock browser, I just wish there was a "dark theme" and an option to remove or move the "home button" that's centered on the bottom of the screen. I can't count how many times I've hit that home button when I'm pressing the phone physical home button to get back to my homescreen.
    12-10-2014 05:06 PM
  16. a250gpreguy's Avatar
    Samsung browser is essentially Chrome...just doesn't share extensions to Chrome desktop/laptop versions


    Sent from my SM-N900V using Tapatalk
    02-13-2015 11:41 AM
  17. anon67808's Avatar
    Chrome on my Chromebook of course and Chrome on my work PC.

    Chrome on my Note 4 however, I only sync my bookmarks between the Chromebook and Note 4 and nothing else. Reason being, I ain't gonna lie, my history on my Note 4 would be full of porn history synched from the Chromebook.

    Chrome on my work PC is not used under my login info so obviously, nothing syncs.
    02-16-2015 08:53 AM
  18. Alex Khan1's Avatar
    I think the fact that you are saying chrome is the faster its not i know its free to download:| It slows the pc and eats ram and sometimes even crashes i know it does not even a lot of data by i also prefer FireFox everybody does because of the less resources it eats. I agree with Chrome as a good PC Browsers but than again Many Samsung browsers are stock browsers which are not greatly optimized by samsung company itself because they dont focus a lot on the speed, load times etc Use chrome.
    03-25-2015 07:02 AM
  19. r56mcs's Avatar
    I have been using Chrome but it uses so much RAM compared to Samsung browser. My used RAM stays around 2.1 GB with Chrome and 1.5gb with Samsung.

    Posted via the Android Central App
    09-23-2015 11:04 PM
  20. Macklesdaddy's Avatar
    just got a note 4 today and noticed I can't find the google bookmark widget,only when using apex launcher does it show,am I just missing it or what?
    09-23-2015 11:14 PM
  21. Jhon Lee's Avatar
    Well, I agree the fact that Google Chrome is better, because you have all those features I.e. Sync and bookmarks and websites are much smoother ^^
    02-16-2016 05:47 PM
  22. AXEL314's Avatar
    Firefox. Sync across platforms. Always reliable.

    Android Central App | S5 G900A kitkat root
    02-16-2016 11:46 PM
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