1. ecs180's Avatar
    I'm going naked (that's what she said) with this phone. No case, screen protector only. The hardware on this phone is too awesome to hind behind a $4 piece of plastic.

    I've been following the s5 and note 4 forums and have seen several instances of glass breaking on the camera. With that being said, anyone have any suggestions on protecting the camera lens? So far I've come up with:

    - get in the habit of putting the phone face down, and screen out in pocket unless on a soft surface
    - cut a couple of strips out of screen protector plastic to place on the bottom of the camera to create a little bump in order to reduce the tension on the lens
    - get the best buy insurance
    - pray
    11-03-2014 04:23 PM
  2. Almeuit's Avatar
    There really isn't a good option except to be careful.. But those who broke theirs I am sure were careful and it only takes one mistake. I run mine naked as well but I am careful when laying it down ... Most of the "broken lens" issues are from dropping the phone.

    The best bet would be to get a case.
    11-03-2014 04:29 PM

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