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    This is both a general question and a specific question:

    1. General: How to modify s-view on Note 4 beyond just the basic options (quick links: favorite contacts, flashlight, heart rate; items to show: weather or pedometer).

    2. Specific: I am using Google Hangouts for my SMS/MMS app (comments on the utility of this app and whether there are others that are preferable are welcomed) and I want to have a preview of my texts show up IN S-VIEW. So far it looks like the closest I can come is through the Hangouts Widget, which requires opening the case, awakening the phone, and getting to the right page with the widget on it. Then, when I reply to the text, I touch the widget button, which doesn't take me directly to the text, but rather to the Hangouts App list of texts, then I have to touch the text I'm replying to, and then I have to tap into the text entry bar. So convoluted for simple text replies.

    So this turned into a question about S-view and text previews, but also about Hangouts app and suggestions for better SMS/MMS apps.

    Thanks in advance for your response!
    11-04-2014 02:51 PM

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