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    This may seem picky and stupjd, but it'd been plaguing me since Sprint added WiFi calling to the Galaxy S5, so imagine my joy and elation when I saw the exact same behavior on the Note 4...

    So WiFi calling on Sprint has a little setup app, primary purpose is to to select your location for 911 call (I'd assume this is a Samsung thing and applies to the TMO variant as well). The setup menu isn't bad...but in your notification tray...you get a persistent HUGE "WiFi calling is on, would you like to turn it off" message that actually eats up more space than quick finder... Not ideal. In addition, your phone icon will change (in the dialer) to show the WiFi calling icon when active. So I hate the notification, love the dialer.

    Found that, duh...like any other application, you can go to settings, applications, all applications, scroll down to WiFi calling...and the unchecked "notifications" for both WiFi calling and WiFi calling settings...and bam...the notification tray is blank. To confirm its still on...go to your phone dialer and see if its still the WiFi calling icon (it'll mirror the WiFi calling icon...just in green). Made a call and checked my minutes...yep...still working!

    Hope this helps, reminder...for each new WiFi calling..you might want to reenable this just so you can setup 911 service (at least at the places you visit regularly), the turn off the notification again. Posted some screens below...but this was a tres Eady fix for a stupidly annoying problem for me...should work on the GS5 too!

    Posted by my Note 4, or Nexus 9...****, maybe by a Note 2014 ed. or hell...maybe it was this Nexus 4 or 5...oh, snap...there's Nexus 7. okay, I need to clean...
    Attached Thumbnails Removing the annoying WiFi calling notification from notification tray-screenshot_2014-11-08-08-00-34.jpg   Removing the annoying WiFi calling notification from notification tray-screenshot_2014-11-08-08-01-28.jpg   Removing the annoying WiFi calling notification from notification tray-screenshot_2014-11-08-08-00-40.jpg  
    11-08-2014 07:28 AM

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