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  1. swade8's Avatar
    Hi, I just received my xtremeguard tempered glass protector in the mail today, had anyone installed theirs yet? I was anxious to put mine on, and with their 85%discount from their site, I says what the heck, for $9, it's worth a shot.

    I did line it up first, and from my experience with the zagg original, (in which case was $40, and I got a refund on), this protector is a smaller cut.

    So, I put it on. The packaging however, had no instructions, it's shipped in a card board sized cd rom sleeve, it comes with 2 squeegees, and one removable backing, and one alcohol pad.

    It was a breeze to install, and under direct lighting, I did notice a slight halo affect, but nowhere near what zagg's do. I'm hoping it'll settle on the edges, the top and bottom are plumb, I'll write back in about 24 hours.

    Just wanted to offer my input and ask for others.

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    11-08-2014 04:21 PM
  2. swade8's Avatar
    I was finally able to take a couple of pictures, with my note 4 being off, this is the result of what the, xtremeguard tempered glass looks like--->

    And. .. I need to correct my previous statement, about not seeing the halo affect on the top and bottom. ..well. do. .. I didn't notice it at first, but once the phone is off our the screen is on standby, you do see it.

    But as I mentioned, it does look better than a zagg, and for a $60 price tag, getting it for $9; I'll deal with this till something better comes out and fits.

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    Attached Thumbnails Xtremeguard tempered glass-1108142204.jpg   Xtremeguard tempered glass-1108142203.jpg  
    11-08-2014 09:45 PM
  3. itsnotmeitsyou's Avatar
    There's no way I'd do that to my beautiful Note 4. I'd rather enjoy it while I have it, and that halo would drive me nuts. I use T-Mobile JUMP so I don't need to worry about resale.
    11-09-2014 01:32 AM

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