02-16-2016 07:55 PM
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  1. Oscar Maradiaga's Avatar
    I don't mind Touchwiz but after reading this article. I was reminded of what I can do with my phone. Customizing the home screen using NOVA Launcher. I love the no limits no boundaries we have as android users. Nothing against IPhone users and the IPhone but if they only knew the freedom and what our Phones can do they would consider switching to the better product. Marketing of course does alot and apple has somehow managed to get people to believe in a product that is less superior. I have plenty of family members that once they see my Galaxy Note 4 they are intrigued by its pure beauty. From the metal framing to what I can simply do. So read this article you'll find so many points to why we love the Android platform.

    What Android fans think of iPhone users | Computerworld

    Nova launcher pure beauty and why i love android-screenshot_2014-11-10-08-36-59.jpg
    11-10-2014 08:05 AM
  2. Gekko's Avatar
    looks terrible without a Clock/Weather Widget -

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    11-10-2014 08:27 AM
  3. w7sg's Avatar
    Looks great without the Clock/Weather Widget, great work!
    11-10-2014 08:31 AM
  4. Javier P's Avatar
    looks terrible without a Clock/Weather Widget -
    There's not such a thing as a "terrible" homescreen. It's just personal and that's the best thing about android (and the meaning of this thread) . Your homescreen had to cover your needs and please your eyes, not anyone else.

    I personally don't like weather widgets and consider them a waste of space and resources. But that's me. Obviously you think differently.

    Oscar, keep having fun and messing around with Nova settings and new icons. Good job.
    11-10-2014 09:12 AM
  5. Javier P's Avatar
    I like it minimal too. These are my two screens
    Attached Thumbnails Nova launcher pure beauty and why i love android-1415632492315.jpg   Nova launcher pure beauty and why i love android-1415632512656.jpg  
    11-10-2014 09:15 AM
  6. kabeeo's Avatar
    Agreed. I recently went to the Note 4 after about a decade of Motorola Droids. I wanted to give TouchWiz a chance, and I did, but I just went back to Go Launcher for the customization. Changing icons, changing the names and fonts on the icons, changing colors and themes! You just cant go wrong. Four people in my family have iPhones, all different versions, and they all look exactly the same. God bless Android.

    Javier--where did you get that calendar?

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    11-10-2014 09:20 AM
  7. Javier P's Avatar
    I made it with Zooper Widgets. It's a great app and the free version is full of features.

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    11-10-2014 09:26 AM
  8. kabeeo's Avatar
    Thanks Javier.

    I should mention though for those that are looking around that I did lose the ability with Go Launcher to make a smart note and stick it to the screen with the S pen. The little push pin icon does not even come up. I can still do it with the GoNote widget with a few extra steps though.
    11-10-2014 09:30 AM
  9. thegame161's Avatar
    Nova is awesome and you don't miss out on any touchwiz features either
    11-10-2014 09:39 AM
  10. V J's Avatar
    Nova launcher pure beauty and why i love android-screenshot_2014-11-08-01-09-32.jpg

    Hell yes Nova Launcher. On a side note, holy crap 4mb+ for a screenshot.
    11-10-2014 10:37 AM
  11. kabeeo's Avatar
    I might give Nova a try. I have always used Go Launcher and Go SMS but recently uninstalled Go SMS after the last update where they lost most of their customization. I went with Handcent which is working great. Can you change the names for icons on the home screen with Nova?
    11-10-2014 10:48 AM
  12. hypnospastic's Avatar
    What is the difference between Nova Launcher and Nova Launcher Prime? I am curious to give the app a whirl.

    Thanks in advance.

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    11-10-2014 10:49 AM
  13. Nitro211K's Avatar
    Prime is a paid version that gives you a few additional features. you can see the extra feature on the play store. (well worth it).

    11-10-2014 11:00 AM
  14. Javier P's Avatar
    Can you change the names for icons on the home screen with Nova?
    Yes. And you can change the icons one by one, with no need to apply a whole icon pack. Most of my icons are folders and the text one made with Simple Text. Inside the folders I keep the default icons.
    11-10-2014 11:05 AM
  15. JasW's Avatar
    Nova is awesome and you don't miss out on any touchwiz features either
    Well, yes, you do, you lose the feature for pinning an Action Note to the homescreen. (You also lose the stock clock/weather widget, but that's no great tragedy.) But I've found that trade off well worth it for all you get with Nova.
    11-10-2014 11:20 AM
  16. westcoaststyle's Avatar
    Yup, I love it. Wondering why I never used it on my S3, lol.
    11-10-2014 11:40 AM
  17. Oscar Maradiaga's Avatar
    THANK YOU I'm glad we both agree on the weather widget its a waste of space. All I need is the weather on the notification bar and I'm fine.
    11-10-2014 11:58 AM
  18. Oscar Maradiaga's Avatar
    YES YOU CAN great feature you can do anything with NOVA Launcher
    11-10-2014 12:52 PM
  19. Androidprodigy's Avatar
    In my opinion , Nova is easily the best when it Comes to Customization and Organization .
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    11-10-2014 01:46 PM
  20. 1812dave's Avatar
    Nova Launcher Prime is a must-have and without it I wouldn't like my Note nearly as much as I do.
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    11-10-2014 03:40 PM
  21. kabeeo's Avatar
    Thanks everybody. I'm gonna give it a try. I'm kinda disappointed in the GO people these days.
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    11-10-2014 03:44 PM
  22. bembol's Avatar
    I'll even take it further that without launchers like Nova, honestly I would probably have the iPhone 6 Plus instead of the Note 4 since Stock can only do so much.
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    11-10-2014 03:58 PM
  23. nugj's Avatar
    So this is what happens when you have been in iPhone prison for years. You become a hopeless invalid begging for help.

    So I get it. There are just too many of you Android pros here that love Nova. Gotta' be something to that. I never fight experience. But offer it when I have it and listen to it when I don't.

    I have installed Nova to begin with. However I am unsure of the process from here.

    When you open it, it immediately brings to your screen everything you have all lumped into one category. However its first question is about how you want it to handle widgets...transfer them to Nova or not. Well with everything jammed onto one screen (apps and widgets) with no distinction one to the next, I am not sure what action I should take to continue. Pick something....and it brings up a box asking if you want to use Nova, Touchwiz or something else and also asks if you want to use it only once or always. Well heck I don't even know what question it is asking me. Use Nova for what...use Touchwiz for what. I am sure this is all about how unintuitive Android is. Us new guys are simply going to have to learn the language of Android through use I guess.

    Time and date is a widget I guess. Do I want to transfer them to Nova? Once you have it loaded should you actually go to settings. Is that where you would rearrange your desktop?

    Even when you go to Nova's web site, there is no help regarding the process of actually setting up Nova once you have it....I guess they just assume that you know.
    11-10-2014 05:05 PM
  24. 1812dave's Avatar
    If you buy the paid version its a lot more useful, like badges, resizing of icons, et cetera. I have an icon grid 7 x 7 with icons sized to 85%. I detest having to flip thru a bunch of home screens so all of frequent apps are on the main home screen and I have one other one for overflow.

    I only have one widget, which is for stocks. I see no reason to dedicate a chunk(s) of valuable screen space to a clock or other redundant features. to each his own--some folks LOVE widgets. I'm not against the IDEA of widgets, but space is always an issue with me, due to the number of apps I use, which require their little spots on the screen.

    After you buy Nova Prime , then you can download/install Tesla Unread Counts, to get the badges feature.
    11-10-2014 05:22 PM
  25. nugj's Avatar
    Well what I don't want to do is download Prime while flummoxed by Nova. Willing to spend the $4.00 for prime. But I want to use Nova to figure out what the heck I am doing....unless you are telling me that Prime is also much more intuitive and that I am wasting time dealing with what is really a stripped down version that is not really self explanatory. If that is what you mean, then that is a whole other kettle of fish.
    11-10-2014 05:35 PM
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