1. 420benz's Avatar
    That is my question
    11-10-2014 12:19 PM
  2. Almeuit's Avatar
    Are you using the app, mobile website, or desktop site?
    11-10-2014 12:25 PM
  3. 420benz's Avatar
    Just looking on the post for Manage Attachment.
    11-10-2014 01:07 PM
  4. ChemMan's Avatar
    On the webs look here in red:

    How do I post attachments on this forum-postd.jpg
    420benz likes this.
    11-10-2014 01:15 PM
  5. TheDarkKnight0818's Avatar
    For app you hit the plus sign on the bottom left and then hit the 3 dots on the top right
    11-10-2014 01:22 PM
  6. 420benz's Avatar
    I hit reply then hit Go Advanced and did not fond any options for attaching a photo after hitting the 3 dots
    11-10-2014 03:10 PM
  7. 420benz's Avatar
    I am using Android central from the web
    11-14-2014 04:58 PM
  8. 420benz's Avatar
    Do you have a link to that site.
    11-14-2014 05:09 PM
  9. 420benz's Avatar
    Do you have a link to that site.
    On the webs look here in red:

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	postd.jpg 
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ID:	147306
    Do you have the link to that site
    11-14-2014 06:11 PM

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