1. c4ffeineaddict's Avatar
    Ok so I know this has been asked on multiple forums but nothing I've found has helped

    I got a Note 4 from AT&T last weekend. Battery has just been draining. It drops about 1% every hour when idle. I came from an iPhone 5 that would barely drop overnight. Light texting drains 10% of my battery in 5 min

    Location - Off
    WiFi - Off
    Sync - Off
    NFC - Off
    Bluetooth - Off
    Google Now - Off
    Notifications turned off for almost all apps

    Only 3 active widgets: Gmail, Cal, and Evernote

    I keep my screen brightness lower than most people. Never higher than 10%

    Only app with any real background activity is dropbox so I can sync to iPhoto

    Still using TouchWiz launcher. Didn't really care for others. Noticed that after restarting the phone, touchwiz always shows a note saying that it has stopped

    Attached screenshot shortly after full charge. Doesn't seem to matter how long I wait, the android system is aways > 30%. All other screenshot I see posted are 20% max

    Any feedback would be appreciated
    Attached Thumbnails Android services over 30% - battery drain-1415691689913.jpg  
    11-11-2014 02:43 AM
  2. maximalife's Avatar
    How is your full day usage looking?

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    11-11-2014 07:46 AM
  3. boufa's Avatar
    One problem is that you have a app of some sort fighting with touch wiz. It should not be crashing right at start up. There are only 2 solutions to that problem... unistall apps and re-start until you figure out which one is doing it, or factory reset your device and start again, adding a few apps and restarting until you figure out the cause.

    If an app close, it could leave an open wakelock... that will chew up your battery.

    Also realize that the %'s are not battery percentages, but ratios. So if you don't use your phone much, the screen will not be the top user of battery. Right after you boot up, Android has done a lot of work to get booted up, so it might be the top thing. This is made more obvious when you have the screen turned so dim.

    Averages over the long haul is the only way to get a good gauge on it.
    11-11-2014 08:42 AM
  4. c4ffeineaddict's Avatar
    Revisiting the TouchWiz theory, I think the crashing on startup was due to me unlocking the scree too quickly before TouchWiz or something else full loaded. I toggled wifi, sync, and location a few times and since then have not been able to reproduce the error on startup after another 5 reboots.

    I had those settings off overnight and my battery only dropped 2% in the 7 hours I slept instead of the 5-7 I've been seeing, but the phone is much less usable if wifi and sync are off. I mainly use this for work. Android services finally dropped to 29%, but after some moderate texting this morning, it dropped another 20% rather quickly.

    For all you users getting great battery life, what are you doing on your phones all day? The main app I use is messages. It says it's only using 5% of my overall battery, but it just gets drained. Screen is always #2 or 3 as far as top consumers, but never that high because I keep the screen so dim all the time.
    11-11-2014 12:44 PM

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