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    Hey everybody.

    Im on the infamous 'backordered' list -since Oct.29th *TMobile*- so please excuse me if i come off sounding stupid as i dont have the phone in hand as of yet. I'am a professional DJ audiophile nutjob. When i found out i could get a 128GB SD card + the 32GB already in the phone i was SOLD. I use .flac lossless files mainly and some .wma and .wav files which most know take up more space than your average mp3 files so storage is a big deal for me.

    1) ANYBODY with a Apple Macbook laptop please chime in. Are there any compatibility issues i should worry about? What software would i need ? What do you guys use? PLEASE DONT say Zune. I hate Zune. Is it the same "Windows Phone" program i used with my old Samsung?

    2) iTunes: On a Macbook. I spend WEEKS organizing my music with covers, genres, properly naming mp3s, etc. I have done all this on iTunes by simply left clicking and updating by the "Get Info" option through itunes. Will this transfer over? or will i have to do this ALL OVER again? Metadata i believe it's called although its more of like a ID3.

    3) Is the Note4 considered a "Windows Phone"? meaning im treading murky water by even attempting to sync it with a Apple product.

    4) Whats the best FREE music player? I dont know if the 'stock' one is good so i'd really appreciate it if somebody could screenshot a song playing with album art displayed on the stock player which is google play? Im not gonna use the 'cloud storage' thingy because i go bike riding on the trails and cant get wifi so i need the music on the phone literally. Poweramp seems to be getting good reviews from you guys but im open for anything.

    5) PLAYLIST syncing from iTunes -On Macbook- to Note4. Is it just drag and drop playlist? that easy? please say yes but dont lie to me haha

    I've been lurking aka stalking the forum for a while but i hope i get some helpful info otherwise im in for a huge headache and science project. BTW i did use the search bar but nobody asked this yet so please dont flame me or worse call me a "newbie" or "rookie". 1Love.
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    11-11-2014 11:36 AM
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    EDIT: My phone just shipped today and i got the next day delivery option so before i dump nearly 150GB of music on my phone i need to know what im in store for. Im sooo nervous i feel like im going on a blind date i dont know what to expect!

    but i will say WOoOOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOO finally its here!!!!
    11-11-2014 11:49 AM

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